Complete Portfolio
We spend a lot of time looking for the best manufacturers in the medical field to offer our clients the best products in the world, we represent international brands, and we also have our own private brand.
Your baby's best friend

The world’s famous herbal brand, well known for their natural & safe baby products, established in UK in the 1960.

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Next Generation Medical Supplies

Medrull® serves the healthcare industry by providing only the finest quality medical and healthcare products.

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Be in touch with One Touch®

One Touch® condoms are made of high-quality, hypoallergenic latex with silicone lubricant.

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Care of Tomorrow

DermoFuture® Products are based on the latest achievements of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

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Naturally with Love

Sanosan® provides the best care products for the healthy skin of babies, kids and mums.

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SUPER® Private Label Products

Our Products
Latex Super Glove® L - Powder Free
Latex Super Glove® XL - Powder Free
Latex Super Glove® L - Powdered
Latex Super Glove® XL - Powdered
Nitrile Super Glove® M - Black
Nitrile Super Glove® L - Black
Nitrile Super Glove® XL - Black
Nitrile Super Glove® S - Blue
Nitrile Super Glove® M - Blue
Nitrile Super Glove® L - Blue
Nitrile Super Glove® XL - Blue
Super Condom® Smooth
Super Condom® Flavour
Super Condom® Ribbed
Super Condom® Dotted
Super Condom® Delay

Our portfolio also includes surgical gowns, Lab. coats, Thermometers, lancets and many other medical & cosmetic supplies.

Super Care® is in partnership with multiple local pharmaceutical manufacturers; representing and distributing their products to our customers.

For a complete list of our products, please send to [email protected]