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About Us

Behind the scenes at Super Care®


To become the preferred and trusted partner of local and foreign pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers in creating, building and sustaining high quality pharmaceutical brands.


To provide world-class representation, marketing and distribution services to international & local pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers via unparalleled relationships and distribution channels all over the Palestinian market.

A clear path ahead.

Competent team.


We take special care to train and develop our management and staff. It is an integral part of our philosophy. Staff loyalty, skills, professionalism and dedication are essential to our continuing success, and such a philosophy ensures that we continue to deliver exceptional performance.

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Geographical Coverage

We currently cover the whole west bank with an ambitious plan to expand to neighboring countries, main cities within our reach are:

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Got A Question?

We currently operate in the Palestinian market, in both the West Bank and Gaza strip.

We manage our operatrions from Nablus city in the West Bank.

We are focusing our efforts on the Palestinian market as it is a very potential market with many unmet needs, but we are affiliated with other agents/distributors in Jordan.

Super Care® is best known for quality work, from the import process to the after sale customer care, we try to focus on a select brands & products so we do our best efforts and provide the high attention these brands need to succeed.

Sure, reach out to us, or leave your email at the end of the page and we will contact you, if your brand is needed in our market, we will be glad to talk.

We are always on the look for new innovations and products in our field, but such process requires high amount of time and efforts to select the best quality out there in the most affordable price for our customers.

We are always looking for talented and energized people, no matter what is your background, you are welcome to join us, check the Careers page for information on how to apply.

Super Care® is an officially registered drugstore, marketer and wholesaler and allowed to register, represent and promote any pharmaceutical, food supplement, cosmetic & medical supply products in the Palestinian market since 2013.

Although we are open to discuss all kinds of offers and products, we try to focus on adding new pharmaceutical products as a first priority, and also interested in effective & affordable food supplements.

We provide a wide range of medical supplies and food supplements, we also represent multiple local pharmaceutical manufacturers in some of their lines.

Our staff consists mainly of pharmacists working as medical representatives, sales people and store keepers. We occasionally require accountants and ground workers.

You almost won’t find a major pharmacy in the west bank that doesn’t have a product of ours on its shelves, our reach is covering more than 80% of our target market, and the rest of the market can be reached on demand.

Reach out to us, if the product meets our criteria and there is a general need for it in the market; we will do our best to make it available.

Sure, we do both wholesale to merchants and retail sale to individuals.

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